Apex Legends Maintenance Will Briefly Send The Game Back To Season 0

Apex Legends has announced upcoming server maintenance where, instead of taking the game completely offline for the duration, Apex will temporarily reset to a state that’s basically Season 0. During the maintenance, players may lose access to their inventory, store, and cosmetic unlocks, and only the default characters will be available.

While the cast of Apex Legends has grown to 16 characters over the course of eight seasons, the game initially launched its preseason, or Season 0, with just eight characters–six of whom were free to play and two requiring an unlock with Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. It’s unclear whether the “default” characters playable include the preseason’s full cast of eight, or only the six Legends who don’t need to be unlocked.

The maintenance will occur between 2:30 AM PT and finish by 5:30 AM PT on February 25, giving players a chance to experience the game as it hasn’t been since early 2019. Apex doesn’t normally have this kind of scheduled maintenance, leading players to hope that it may finally address some of the server issues that have been ongoing since the game’s launch, but particularly bad recently.

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Author: Hayley Williams