New Horror Game Stars A Tabby Cat Named Biscuit

If you’ve been itching for a new horror project to follow, but also one that has you playing as a cat instead of a typical human, then Etched Memories is here to fill that very specific overlap.

A new horror title from independent developer From Scratch Studios is still a long way from release, but a demo showcasing some of the ideas the studio has for its title is now on Steam. In Etched Memories you play as a cat (a tabby, of course) named Biscuit who is searching for his lost mother. An innocent enough premise, but one that looks like it will veer into tense situations from the looks of the first trailer.

The game itself is described as a mix of first and third-person exploration, with the view shifting depending on the gameplay scenario. Exploration through a semi-open world, for example, is in third-person, which gives gameplay an interesting perspective given the size of its protagonist. That switches to first-person when in a house, for example, where you can inspect items using Biscuit’s furry paws and sharp claws.

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Author: Alessandro Barbosa