Destiny 2 Iron Banner Saladin’s Gauntlet – How To Quickly Get Timeworn Spire, Multimach CCX, And Armor

The first Iron Banner event of Destiny 2‘s Season of the Chosen has arrived, and with it comes the Saladin’s Gauntlet quest. This season-long quest gives you the opportunity to earn a bunch of key gear from the competitive multiplayer event, including armor. The Season of the Chosen also adds The Time-Worn Spire, a Legendary Destiny 1 pulse rifle, and Multimach CCX, a submachine gun, that you can earn for participating in the event.

Here’s everything you need to do to complete Saladin’s Gauntlet, unlock the Season of the Chosen’s Iron Banner armor, and add the new gun to your collection.

Saladin’s Gauntlet Quest

Step 1: Smelting Pot

  • Kill 30 Guardians
  • Capture 10 zones
  • Get 5 Solar or Arc ability final blows

Each step of the Saladin’s Gauntlet quest has multiple objectives that will stack up over time. The first step requires you to equip either your Solar or Arc subclass and then to nab ability final blows with those elements–so Super kills, melee ability kills, and grenade kills will count. The good news is that you only need five such kills to advance.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw