Watch Dogs Legion Online Puts A Serious Emphasis On Teamwork

Ded_Sec is about to get a little bit bigger when Watch Dogs: Legion finally adds in online multiplayer on March 9. And while it’s fun to just get into trouble with your friends in the game’s giant open-world rendition of London, hacking everything and creating havoc, the really interesting stuff in the multiplayer mode is going to require you and your teammates to get serious about your revolution against Albion and big tech.

We recently got a chance to spend a few hours trying Watch Dogs: Legion Online, doing everything from dancing on top of cars to taking on high-level endgame content. And Legion runs the gamut, borrowing ideas from similar live games like Destiny 2 or The Division 2 to provide players with a bunch of options for how they want to spend their time. Watch Dogs: Legion’s most interesting idea–recruiting any character you come across in the world and using them as a member of your revolutionary hacker group–carries forward in the online mode, and it’s even cooler when you can work together with teammates to put together the perfect hacker squad for a mission.

The experience is at once very similar to Watch Dogs: Legion’s single-player mode, and very different. The online side of the game offers a lot of variety in stuff you can do, ranging from solo missions and low-key public events to very involved, multi-stage cooperative operations. The best part is the opportunity to combine all the tools you get in Legion, like hacking surveillance cameras to recon an area and calling giant drones that let you ride high above roaming security, with the teamwork you get from other human players. But that combination can also make Legion Online very tough, with the game expecting you to work together in combat and to solve problems. This is likely not an online game you want to take on with random players on your squad.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw