Valheim tops 500,000 simultaneous players, breaking four more records

Valheim is on a trajectory like nothing we’ve ever seen. The Viking-themed indie survival game has been shooting up the Steam charts, selling 3 million copies in an unheard-of 17 days. And people aren’t just buying it on a whim; they’re actively playing it, too. On Sunday, the game reached 500,000 simultaneous players, according to SteamDB, leaving the charred remains of four other all-time Steam player count records in its wake.

As of Friday, February 19th, the game had already passed Postal and Grand Theft Auto V to become the ninth most-played game on Steam at peak, but now it’s surpassed the records for Among Us, Life is Strange 2, Fallout 4, and Terraria to reach the No. 5 slot, according to Steam Charts.

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Author: Sean Hollister