Valheim Guide: How To Find And Defeat The Elder (And What You Get From It)

Your ultimate goal in Valheim is not to build an awesome viking village, but to hunt down and destroy the enemies of Odin. The Elder is the second boss you’ll face as you make your way through the world, and taking it down is essential to progressing through the game–you’ll need to kill the Elder to get access to Iron in the Swamp biome.

It takes a lot of effort to locate the Elder, and fighting it can be tough on its own. Here’s everything you need to know to track down and defeat the Elder, including what gear you should bring, where you’ll have to go, what battle strategy you should employ, and what to do once it’s defeated.

Where Is The Elder?

Tracking down the Elder requires you to venture into the Black Forest biome, which is best handled after you’ve defeated Eikthyr, the Meadows boss. Taking out Eikthyr gets you the Hard Antler, which you can fashion into the Antler Pickaxe, allowing you to mine Tin and Copper.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw