Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade1Up Cabinet Review — Are You Ready, True Believers?

In the realm of video games, nothing screams ’90s more than Capcom’s Marvel mash-up fighting games–you were greeted by a “Winners Don’t Use Drugs” screen seconds before being inundated with the overwhelming bliss, color, and sound of ’90s-era Capcom that drugs only wish they could match up to. It was a great time for fighting games. Arcade1Up’s latest cabinet attempts to capture some of that magic, and while seasoned fighting veterans may raise an eyebrow or two at its concessions, the company’s Marvel vs. Capcom cabinet serves as a wonderful throwback that’s as exciting to play as it is striking to look at.


Arcade1Up’s Marvel vs Capcom cabinet features five games from Marvel and Capcom’s beloved history. The first four are fighting game classics that called Capcom’s CPS-2 arcade hardware home: Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. Each game is as enjoyable as the last thanks to Capcom’s trademark style of bombast–I’ll never get tired of hearing “Shoryuken” and “Berserker Barrage” from my Ken and Wolverine team in X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

All of the games are presented well, too, with the 17-inch screen shining bright enough to do the colorful ensembles justice. And while the cabinet’s built-in speakers lack some much-needed bass, each game’s iconic audio is able to shine through that shortcoming. This Arcade1Up cabinet is by no means the best way to play these games, but it’s hard to deny just how attractive the whole experience is, especially when you’re standing next to a friend and playing these classic games in a way that represents them well.

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Author: Mat Paget