WandaVision Episode 7: 21 Easter Eggs, Marvel References, And Things You Missed

Episode 7 of WandaVision is here and Westview is now in the 2010s, when sitcoms began to really lean into the “talking head” segments and mockumentary style directing with shows like Modern Family and The Office. So, naturally, we get a whole lot of that going on here–even though some of Westview’s residents seem a bit less enthusiastic than others about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Wanda’s powers are on the fritz as she slowly loses control over the fabric of Westview’s reality, causing glitches in the proverbial matrix that make for all sorts of anxiety. The twins are noticing something is up and looking for answers that Wanda either doesn’t have or just doesn’t want to give and Vision is still on a crusade to get out of the town, despite having no memory of his life before arriving in Westview at all.

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Author: Mason Downey