Netflix’s DOTA 2 anime gets a proper teaser trailer full of dragon-fighting action

It’s only been a few days since Netflix announced that it was working on an anime series based on DOTA 2DOTA: Dragon’s Blood — but in that time, the streamer has already released a proper teaser trailer that actually shows off the series.

And while the original announcement from earlier in the week showed off just a few seconds of footage, the new trailer is just that — a full-fledged teaser for the series that shows off characters like Davion, the Dragon Knight whose quest will be at the heart of the show, and Princess Mirana (DOTA 2 players will likely recognize both of those names as heroes playable in the popular online game.)

The release of a new trailer this soon makes a certain amount of sense, though, given how little time…

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Author: Chaim Gartenberg