Destiny 2 Mission Accidentally Using Hitler Youth Slogan Will Be Changed

A weekly challenge in Destiny 2 will be changed after fans alerted Bungie that the title shares a namesake with a slogan from the Hitler Youth. Bungie quickly issued an apology, saying it was “completely unintentional” and promising to change the name in a future patch.

Kotaku reports that the challenge is called “Blood and Honor,” part of the new Season of the Chosen. The name is a translation of the German phrase “Blut und Ehre,” a slogan favored by the Nazi youth organization and currently used by a British neo-Nazi group. Destiny players raised the issue on social media, prompting the response from Bungie.

“Any connection to anti-Semitism in Destiny is completely unintentional,” the company said in a statement. “Bungie is emphatically committed to inclusion and human rights, and will never stand for anti-Semitism. We are already preparing fixes in an upcoming patch. We apologize to all of our players that were hurt by the references, and we are grateful to our community for bringing their concerns to our attention.”

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Author: Steve Watts