NASA is set for its most daring attempt to land on Mars in a search for ancient life

An illustration showing NASA’s Perseverance rover making its way toward the Martian surface. | Image: NASA / JPL

On February 18th, NASA will make a daring attempt to land a car-sized rover on Mars in its most complex mission yet to hunt for ancient extraterrestrial life. If it survives the plunge through the Red Planet’s atmosphere, the Perseverance rover will kick off the first leg of a grand relay race to capture humanity’s first cache of pristine Martian soil samples, among many other scientific objectives it hopes to score along the way.

What time will NASA’s Perseverance rover land on Mars?

Having traveled 293 million miles since its launch in July last year, the rover is now gearing up to execute the Solar System’s most grueling parking job ever. At around 3:48PM ET, Perseverance will begin its wicked seven-minute descent toward the Martian…

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Author: Joey Roulette