Xbox’s FPS Boost Doubles Frame Rate, Update Out Now For Certain Games

Xbox has been embracing backwards compatibility in a big way and it has become a major part of the platform’s identity and appeal, especially going into the new generation with the Xbox Series X|S. Microsoft has been open about the ways it’s trying to enhance backwards compatibility with a new, powerful console, and the latest feature is FPS Boost. It comes as a free update for specific games, and increases the frame rate at which those games run.

The rollout of FPS Boost starts today with updates to just a handful of games: Sniper Elite 4, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4, and New Super Lucky’s Tale. However, this is just the start–there are plans to bring this feature to other Xbox games. There’s currently no word on which games will receive future FPS Boost updates or when exactly those updates will go live, but Microsoft says that more are coming soon and in the coming months. It’s worth noting that in October last year, an Xbox blog post first mentioned this feature and used Fallout 4 as an example to show it in action.

For games that receive FPS Boost, you’ll be able to play them running in 60 frames per second as opposed to 30fps, making for a much smoother gameplay experience. In a few cases, such as New Super Lucky’s Tale, frame rate will be boosted to 120fps to take advantage of the platform’s 120Hz capabilities (if you have the proper display).

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Author: Michael Higham