Here’s the sliding interior of Hyundai’s new Ioniq 5

GIF: Hyundai

Hyundai is teasing the first interior photos of the Ioniq 5 ahead of its world premiere on February 23rd. It’s Hyundai’s first EV to utilize the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) — the same platform that Apple is said to have been interested in for its oft-rumored self-driving car. E-GMP’s flat battery and long wheelbase allows for a more spacious and customizable interior for both passengers and cargo.

The big design flourish teased today is a sliding center console inside the Ioniq 5. The so-called “Universal Island” moves out of the way so that the driver or passengers can easily enter and exit either side of the car when parked in a narrow spot, for example.

GIF: Hyundai

The “Universal Island” slides…

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Author: Thomas Ricker