Hearthstone 2021 Expansion: Everything We Know

Blizzard is preparing to unveil what’s coming next to Hearthstone at its BlizzConline event. This year promises to be bigger than most, as the company will not only be debuting its new expansion and annual changeover, it will also be making some big changes to how the card pool in Hearthstone works.

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New Expansion Teaser

We haven’t gotten much information about the next expansion for Hearthstone, but Blizzard has started to issue teasers for whatever it is coming next. A short teaser-trailer titled “Quill You Be Ready” shows a lone adventurer in the middle of a dry landscape, who is then surrounded by the Horde logo.

Those clues have led many in the fan community to conclude that the next expansion will take place in the Barrens, a savannah-like setting in Kalimdor, under the control of the horde. The “Quill” in the title appears to be a clue as well, as the primitive Quillboar race is from the Barrens.

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Author: Steve Watts