Destiny 2 Presage Secrets Guide: All Scan Objects For The Figments Of An Answer Triumph

The new Presage Exotic mission in Destiny 2 sends you to a derelict Cabal ship to uncover what happened to its crew–and a fellow Guardian. There are many secrets hidden in the mission, including some tidbits that can reveal its story and unlock a Triumph called Figments of an Answer. To earn it, you’ll need to find and scan five different specific objects hidden in the mission.

Because the Glykon, the ship where Presage takes place, is so twisting and huge, it can be very easy to miss the five objects you’re looking for and the story that goes with them. We’ve marked down everything you need to find on the Glykon to unlock Figments of an Answer and get your first look deeper into Destiny 2’s strange new mission.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw