Gina Carano Was Fired For Being A Bad Employee, Not Her “Politics”

Gina Carano has been fired by LucasFilm after yet another “social media scandal,” if one can define “social media scandal” as very deliberately posting blatant anti-Semitism on a public account, including a meme comparing experiencing any sort of pushback on her own conservative politics to being Jewish and living in Nazi Germany. These posts were just the latest in a long line of public aggressions, both micro and macro, from Carano, who has had a long history of making deeply inappropriate and downright offensive posts against vulnerable minorities, and then immediately falling into defensive self-victimization: It’s not the groups she’s mocking or blatantly attacking that are being hurt by her actions, it’s her, and actually, the people reacting to her posts in a negative way are the real bullies here.

If this sounds familiar, it should. By now, we all know the words to this song.

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Author: Mason Downey