Nvidia Launches Native DLSS Support For Unreal Engine 4

Nvidia has worked with Epic Games to bring native Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support to Unreal Engine 4, allowing any studio to download it from the UE Asset Store.

DLSS is Nvidia’s proprietary AI scaling solution, allowing games to run at lower internal resolutions and then utilize powerful AI-specific cores in Nvidia GPUs to accurately scale them back up. The result is often an image that is indiscernible from a natively rendered one (and in some cases, better) that also runs far more efficiently, allowing you to play at higher resolutions with much higher framerates.

The first iteration of DLSS required the AI model to be trained for each game specifically, which hampered some of its early adoption at studios. But DLSS 2.0 removes that limitation, letting developers implement the technology with little fuss. And now with it being included in Unreal Engine 4–one of the world’s most widely used game engines–you’ll likely see it supported in more games, too.

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Author: Alessandro Barbosa