I Miss My Bar is like audio therapy for barflies

Art from I Miss My Bar

Sure, you can drink at home with some music on, but that doesn’t replicate the feeling of being out at a bar among friends and total strangers. As it turns out, nothing can, other than… well, being at a bar.

But a project called I Miss My Bar, via belong.io, comes the closest to making me feel like I’m at my local watering hole — loud voices, street sounds, and all. The only element missing is the trademark bar scent of booze mixed with cleaning products. You know the smell.

Anyway, head to I Miss My Bar, where, unlike real life, you can choose just how loud everyone is talking. You can also tweak the volume of a number of different sound effects that might make you even more nostalgic for better times, like the clinks of a bartender…

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Author: Cameron Faulkner