A Lot Of Game Devs Refer To Fan Wikis, Apparently

Fan wikis are a great resource when you need to quickly look up a certain item, quest, or character from whatever game you’re playing, and it turns out the developers making those games also rely on wiki pages for the same reason. Double Fine’s Tim Schafer recently tweeted in appreciation of the creators of fan wikis, with a heap of other developers from big games also confessing to referencing fan wikis.

“I wonder if you know how often game developers pull from your sites to make presentations about their own games,” Schafer tweeted, with the many games under his belt including Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Broken Age, and Day of the Tentacle. “I know I do it A LOT.”

Many other developers replied and quote tweeted, noting they also commonly referred to fan wikis. The games represented in their fan-wiki confessions and thanks included Don’t Starve, Civilization, Call Of Duty, Borderlands, Dead By Daylight, EVE Online, Dishonored, and many, many more.

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Author: Hayley Williams