Rocket League developer is adding a Ford F-150 to the game

Image: Psyonix

Rocket League developer Psyonix announced today it’s partnering with an auto company to add an actual truck into the game. Sadly, no, it is not the Tesla Cybertruck. It’s the Ford F-150. A Rocket League-themed F-150 will be available for a limited time, beginning February 20th until February 28th.

The Ford F-150 RLE bundle will be available in the item shop with its own tab and costs 1,500 credits. The bundle includes the Ford F-150 RLE (pictured below), a set of standard and special edition wheels, boost, audio engine, player banner, and decal, all of which are themed after the special edition pickup truck.

As someone who enjoys pickup trucks, I am crying tears of joy because I can use one in Rocket League. There is something…

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Author: Taylor Lyles