Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Season Of The Chosen Update Adjusts Gun Archetypes, Adds Moon And Dreaming City Rewards

We knew a lot of changes were coming with the Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2, but Bungie’s patch notes to go with its most recent update are pretty extensive. Bungie provided more detail about how its adjusting weapons, however, which will likely have some effect on the overall metagame and which guns players choose to take into activities like raids and the Crucible.

Bungie posted the full patch notes for Destiny 2’s Update 3.1.0 on its website, detailing a host of bug fixes coming with the launch of the Season of the Chosen. The rundown also includes many changes the developer had already outlined–like the return of higher-level rewards to the Moon and Dreaming City. Bungie also posted a list of known issues for the season so players know what they’re getting into.

As it was gearing up for the new season, Bungie said it would be adjusting how some guns handle to make them more viable. Feedback has suggested that SMGs, for example, don’t get a lot of use because camera shake and recoil make them less effective than other rapid-fire alternatives, like auto rifles. Update 3.1.0 reduces camera movement while firing an SMG by a big margin–24%–which should make them a little easier to handle in combat situations. Pulse rifles and machine guns also got their camera movement reduced, by 7% and 9.5%, respectively.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw