Respawn Would Love To Do Something Like Apex Legends Season 5’s PvE Quest Again

Apex Legends may be getting something like a campaign in Year 3. Respawn’s battle royale game came close to having something like that with Quest, which initially was a collection of PvE missions in Season 5 before transitioning to comics in Season 6. However, that transition wasn’t a part of Apex Legends’ original roadmap, and Respawn is “not done” with expanding on its interactive storytelling in the battle royale.

“We’ve got many developers here that would have loved to continue doing something like [Season 5’s Quest],” Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier told me as we discussed the battle royale’s transformative second year. “The problem is, well we did the Quest and then we had a lockdown.”

The COVID-19 lockdowns transitioned Respawn into a working from home structure, which forced the studio to rethink how to expand on Apex Legends in Seasons 6 and 7. New content became an issue of priority, and it was decided that the priority of Quest was to deliver on story, not story-focused missions. As such, the mode transitioned into comics–something easier to program into a game than a brand-new campaign. But Respawn hasn’t given up on including interactive storytelling in its battle royale.

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Author: Jordan Ramée