TV Guide’s New App Lets You Find What To Watch Over Multiple Streaming Services

TV Guide has been an entity used for decades to find out what to watch on television. Recently, the app for TV Guide got a major facelift, putting streaming services first over cable and network programming, allowing users to find what they want to watch easier.

Pulling from over 30 streaming services, as well as cable and network TV channels, the overhauled TV Guide app will allow users to find shows that they are looking for. In addition to upcoming showings of specific episodes or where it can be streamed, a trailer plays at the top for many selections, and you can add certain shows to a watchlist. Check out a few screenshots from the Android version of the app below.

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Additionally, you can check what’s airing on live TV along with searching for individual movies or shows. Clicking on the show or movie will take you to the appropriate streaming service where that content lives.

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Author: Mat Elfring