Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Side-By-Side Shows Visual Enhancements

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings the entire Mass Effect trilogy together with tons of DLC and quality-of-life enhancements. The most noticeable new feature for most players will probably be the visual upgrades, and BioWare is showing that feature off in detail.

The Mass Effect Twitter account put out a brief side-by-side video of the jungle world of Virmire from the original Mass Effect. It slowly pans around the environment, letting you see the greater level of detail in the trees and swampland. You’ll also notice the changes to the UI, as BioWare has changed it to be more reflective of later games for consistency.

The tweet forwards to the official site, where you can use a slider to check out some other key scenes and even a nice close-up of the new skin textures on Thane.

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Author: Steve Watts