Netflix’s Animated Pacific Rim Show Gets First Trailer And March Release Date

The first trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black has been released. The animated Netflix show is a spin-off from the two Pacific Rim movies, and it arrives in March.

The trailer reveals that the series will be set in Australia, which has been evacuated after being overrun by monstrous Kaiju. Two teenage siblings, Taylor and Hayley, are left behind, desperately searching for their parents. They find an abandoned Jaeger, and set about learning to pilot the huge robotic fighting machine. The trailer doesn’t reveal any Kaiju action yet, but it looks stylishly animated by Tokyo-based studio Polygon Pictures. Check it out below:

Pacific Rim: The Black hits Netflix on Thursday, March 4. The showrunners are Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson, who previously worked on animated Marvel shows such as Ultimate Avengers and X-Men: Evolution.

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Author: Dan Auty