Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Doesn’t Include Multiplayer, Here’s Why

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collects the trilogy of games into one convenient place, bringing together over 40 pieces of DLC to make it a complete single-player experience. However, one notably missing aspect of the original trilogy is Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, which didn’t make it into Legendary Edition because of the amount of work that would have been required.

According to project director Mac Walters, restoring the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3 would have been a significant undertaking, comparable to updating the entirety of the first game.

“At least at one point in time, everything was on the table and ultimately we looked at what it would take to [add Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer]–it obviously had a lot of challenges,” Walters explained. “You look at everything from what you do with cross-play–because that’s kind of an expectation now–what do we do with people who are still playing multiplayer now, how do we honor that, how do we bring them in, can we somehow bridge that gap? And, of course, these aren’t insurmountable challenges–they’re all things that we could do to fix that problem and get multiplayer in there.

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Author: Tamoor Hussain