Apex Legends Season 8: Start Date, Patch Notes, Fuse, And More

Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem officially starts tomorrow, adding plenty of new content to Respawn’s battle royale game. Per usual, players can expect a brand-new playable character, battle pass rewards, and in-game balancing adjustments (detailed in the Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes). Season 8 adds a brand-new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater, and map changes to Kings Canyon as well.

Season 8’s new playable character is Fuse, a laid-back man with an enthusiasm for explosives. As seen in the animated Stories from the Outlands “Good as Gold” short, Fuse has had a tumultuous life leading up to his addition to the Apex Games. Fuse–whose real name is Walter “Wally” Fitzroy–grew up on Salvo, fighting for his planet’s freedom alongside his best friend, Maggie, all through their teenage years and young adult lives. However, Fuse dreamed of new glories, taking his talents to the Apex Games.

New Character: Fuse

Fuse is known as the “Bombastic Explosives Expert,” possessing special abilities that allow him to aid his squadmates with explosive style. His passive ability, Grenadier, allows him to stack two grenades per inventory slot and naturally fling grenades further, faster, and more accurately. Fuse’s tactical ability, Knuckle Cluster, fires a cluster bomb that’s great for dealing damage and explosively breaking closed doors. And finally, his ultimate ability, The Motherlode, fires a bombardment that encircles an area in fire, both dealing damage and trapping foes.

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Author: Jordan Ramée