Mario Is Coming To Animal Crossing: New Horizons, But What Will The March Update Include?

Nintendo is following Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ January update with another free content update in March. The company has shared very few details about that patch as of yet, other than confirming it will introduce some Mario content to the game, but here’s what we can generally expect.

Although Nintendo hasn’t shared much information about Animal Crossing’s March update, the company had previously announced that a line of Mario-themed furniture will be added to the game that month. We don’t know exactly how many pieces of furniture will be added or just what they’ll look like, but Mario items have been a staple of the Animal Crossing series since the beginning. Previous entries have featured wallpaper and flooring inspired by the original Super Mario Bros., as well as furniture based on the Super Mushroom, Super Star, fire bar, and other iconic Mario items. There were also Mario clothing and accessories, including the plumber’s signature cap and mustache.

Given that Nintendo has been redesigning many of Animal Crossing’s older furniture sets for New Horizons, it’s possible the developer could take the same approach with the Mario line and redesign existing items or even introduce completely new ones. In either case, it seems likely that some of the aforementioned Mario items could be added as part of March’s update (the tease at the end of the game’s latest trailer featured the Super Mushroom and Super Star, so it seems safe to say furniture based on those power-ups will at the very least be added). How players will be able to obtain them remains to be seen, however; it’s possible that Nintendo could introduce the items as part of an in-game event, or implement them as DIY recipes and have players craft the items themselves.

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Author: Kevin Knezevic