Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Simpsons-In-Real-Life Toys

Death By Toys makes comical one-of-a-kind action figures, like Karate Teacher Who Threw Up, Deadbeat Dad Action Figure–which is an empty box–and All the Babies Your S****y Friends Keep Having. However, some of the most interesting original creations just happen to be a unique take on Simpsons figures: imagining them as if they were real-world humans

From bartender Moe Szyslak to neighbor Ned Flanders, the person behind Death By Toys, Dan Polydoris, originally made the real-life Simpsons figures for an art show at Gallery1988. “I’ve made lifelike figures of cartoon (and video game) characters in the past, and it’s something I love to do,” Polydoris told GameSpot. “I think it’s fun to imagine a cartoon being made into a crappy movie adaptation, and then the movie adaptation being made into a crappy action figure line. It’s also fun to find stock photos that capture the spirit of a particular cartoon character.”

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While these Simpsons toys can’t be purchased themselves, Death By Toys produces a lot of comical custom action figures with specialty packaging. Polydoris’s company began its origins in 2013, after his first child was born. He was creating vintage-style NES action figures and found that not only did people like them–there was a demand for them. Eventually, this led to him quitting his job after 15 years to make Death By Toys his full-time gig, a decision that Polydoris said is the best he ever made.

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Author: Mat Elfring