Hitman 3 Review Roundup

IO Interactive’s rebooted Hitman series has been lauded for its clockwork open-world approach, and this week the trilogy comes to a close. Hitman 3 marks the last game in the stealth trilogy, and critics have started giving their impressions just ahead of release on January 20.

So how does this Hitman game stack up to the others? Critics seem to agree that it’s not just a great stealth assassination game on its own, but also a satisfying conclusion to the series as a whole. In GameSpot’s review, Phil Hornshaw noted that this sequel is “full of fun and fascinating ideas, many of which play with the concepts underpinning the last four years of Hitman levels,” and awarded it a 9/10.

As always, Hitman 3 rewards repetition to fully plumb its depths and see all of the mechanics and characters moving around the world on their schedules. An intimate knowledge of every setting is required to execute some of the more intricate assassinations, but if you just want to finish as fast as possible, you can complete the story campaign in about 8 hours. In addition to all the high-powered consoles and PC, Hitman 3 is also coming to Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming.

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Author: Steve Watts