CES Day 1: TCL takes its shot and Intel hunkers down

Image: TCL

One of the things that usually happens at CES in Las Vegas is you get a sense that one company or another is really going hard. A few years ago Google started throwing unseemly amounts of money at an outdoor CES installation in a bid to show that the Google Assistant was ready to dominate the smart home. It was an acceleration of a trend in the smart home: a battle with Alexa to form an ecosystem. Standing outside the convention center in 2018, that trend loomed large both metaphorically and physically.

Now that CES is online-only, it’s a little harder for companies to puff their chests out and declare that they (or their products) have hit the big time. One company seemed to be doing its very best to try, though: TCL. And another…

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Author: Dieter Bohn