Wonder Woman 1984: How Did Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor Come Back?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Wonder Woman 1984 has been the return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, a character who heroically sacrificed his life back in the first Wonder Woman film, set during World War I. In the trailers, however, we’ve been able to clearly see that Steve is back and seemingly completely fine here in the ’80s, with Diana showing him around and cracking all sorts of jokes about everything that’s changed for him.

In our review, we singled out the much-needed feel good message of the film–which of course, includes Steve’s arc in the movie. “Wonder Woman 1984 features some cheesy-looking CGI effects and some even cheesier messages. But it’s also an improvement on the original in some key ways–where the first movie concluded with Wonder Woman literally punching the anthropomorphized concept of War in the face, WW84’s climactic showdown is much more nuanced. The message–that every individual person on the planet has a shared responsibility for the common good–gets slightly muddled in the end, but it’s also the exact one we need right now. And Wonder Woman 1984 is the exact film you’ll want to sit down and watch with family, friends, and loved ones this holiday–even if you’re doing so over Zoom.”

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Author: Mason Downey