Grindstone Makes Its Console Debut On Switch Today

One of the standouts from Apple Arcade, the iOS game subscription service, is coming out today on Nintendo Switch. As part of Nintendo’s Indie World showcase, Capybara Games announced that Grindstone will be a console launch exclusive on Switch.

A Switch version was announced in August as part of another Indie World showcase, with a trailer that showed off how it translates the game’s usual portrait-orientation onto the Nintendo Switch’s wide screen.

Grindstone is a puzzle game that has your brutal hero carve his way through monsters and claim their loot. The loot drops make for a risk-reward mechanic, testing if you’re willing to grab that last chest and potentially trap yourself without an escape. Capy has been regularly supporting Grindstone with content updates, including a huge Daily Grind update in July that added daily quests.

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Author: Steve Watts