Best Games Of 2020 – Hades

Over the next week, we will be posting features for what we’ve nominated to be the best games of 2020. Then, on December 17, we will crown one of the nominees as GameSpot’s Best Game of 2020, so join us as we celebrate these 10 games on the road to the big announcement. Be sure to check out our other end-of-the-year coverage collected in our Best Games of 2020 hub.

Your first trip through Hades, like most, will end in death. But that first run is an exciting one, revealing an evolution of the isometric action-RPG combat that Supergiant has been mastering since 2011’s Bastion. You’ll see how you can utilize your dash to avoid danger or press the attack; discover how positioning matters due to dangerous traps littered throughout levels and the bonus damage you can deal to enemies from behind or by knocking them into walls; and get a taste of the upgrades that you’ll be able to encounter and equip to ensure each run feels distinct.

It all makes for an immediately satisfying combat system. Then you die, maybe after encountering a boss or, more likely in those early runs, by falling prey to a seemingly innocuous foe or a trap you set off. Whatever the case, you head back to the House of Hades, chat up some of the residents–including your father, Hades–and set out again. You’ll die once again, maybe after making it a bit further, or perhaps even sooner due to overconfidence or sheer bad luck. However you earn your trip back to home, you’ll again speak with Hades and others, and the true core of the game will begin to reveal itself.

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Author: Chris Pereira