Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: Best Cyberware Upgrades And Where To Find Them

There are many ways in Cyberpunk 2077 to deck out your V and improve their capabilities. Along with a massive arsenal of guns, including a talking gun that fancies the songs of Rhianna, there is also an extensive array of cybernetic upgrades for you to acquire. Given the scope of the game’s Cyberware system, we wanted to single out some of the best upgrades in the game that you should invest in.

Along with breaking down some of the most powerful upgrades, we also explain where to find them in the game. We also highlight some notable upgrades that you might be better avoiding in order to save time and your hard-earned eddies.

Night City’s Best Cyberware

Reinforced Tendons (Double Jump): Biomechanical connective tissue supporting leg muscles.

These leg upgrades will allow V to perform a double jump, a video game staple across many different action games and platformers. If your character is particularly agile, this upgrade is a must if you want to reach some of the harder reach areas around Night City, or just want to put some extra finesse into different combat encounters.

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Author: Alessandro Fillari