Netflix Reveals What We’ve All Been Watching 2020

Netflix has released its annual What We Watched roundup, part of a wide-ranging tradition many platforms offer (like Spotify Wrapped) yielding insight into the massive amounts of data they have on us and our habits. While this year’s is plenty interesting, it should be couched with a reminder that the following brags should be read with a healthy amount of skepticism: Netflix, in addition to reporting all these cool facts about Netflix themselves, liberally defines a view of its content as being at least two minutes.

Still, in a year that was defined by horizons receding and many of us mostly indoors quarantining, it’s interesting to learn how through Netflix we did our best to “travel” to other countries. Netflix reports that viewing of foreign language titles was up over 50% this year compared to 2019 (though, as indicated above, it does not say what 2019’s number was), with Spain’s The Platform, Germany’s Barbarians, and France’s Rogue City being among the most popular. Anime and Korean drama also saw a surge of being up over 100% and nearly tripling, respectively.

Reality programming and documentaries also saw a surge this year, which isn’t exactly a shock to anyone who was aware of the phenomenon that was Tiger King, which is spinning off into two separate series (one with Kate McKinnon, the other with Nicolas Cage). On the reality TV side, Love is Blind–a social experiment where singles get engaged before meeting, was among the Netflix frontrunners.

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Author: David Wolinsky