Apple’s MagSafe wallet now has competition that’s cheaper and packs more features

A photo of an iPhone 12 Pro with the MOFT wallet
Photo: MOFT

MOFT is a company that’s made iPhone accessories in the past, and it’s now releasing a competitor to Apple’s $50 MagSafe wallet. MOFT’s version, which goes on sale today, costs only $30 and holds three cards like Apple’s, but it also has a built-in kickstand. The stand lets users keep their phone upright in portrait, landscape, or what the company is calling “float mode”, which you can see in the image below. It’s made of vegan leather, as opposed to Apple’s “European leather”, which makes it an option for people who don’t want to use animal-based products.

Photo: MOFT

Using magnets instead of adhesive makes the float mode possible.

This new accessory seems to be a tweaked version of MOFT’s existing X Phone…

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Author: Mitchell Clark