SpaceX is about to send a second Dragon capsule to the space station

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Cargo Dragon spacecraft will launch Sunday from Kennedy Space Center | SpaceX

This morning, SpaceX is set to launch its latest batch of cargo and supplies to the International Space Station, but the company is using a slightly different spacecraft for this flight than resupply missions of the past. SpaceX is flying its newly upgraded Dragon capsule to transport the goods to space — the same vehicle that the company has been using to fly astronauts to the station.

SpaceX has been resupplying the space station since 2012, and for all of its 20 previous missions, the company has used the original version of its Dragon cargo capsule. SpaceX started developing a new Dragon capsule, though, to transport people to and from the ISS. Called Crew Dragon — or Dragon 2 — the vehicle carried its first crew to space in May….

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Author: Loren Grush