Netflix Won’t Add A Disclaimer To The Crown Calling It Fiction

The Crown, Netflix’s hit show about the still on-going reign of Queen Elizabeth II, is based on true events, but is dramatized in many ways–the show’s creators don’t have unfettered access to over 50 years of royal life, after all. Because of this, there has been some call for Netflix to put a disclaimer at the start of the show, but the streaming giant has stated definitively that it has no plans to do so.

In a statement to Variety, Netflix has stated that there’s no need for such a thing. “We have always presented ‘The Crown’ as a drama–and we have every confidence our members understand it’s a work of fiction that’s broadly based on historical events,” a spokesperson said. Thus, Netflix can “see no need” to explain that the show is fictionalized in places.

The UK Culture Secretary has previously claimed in an interview with The Daily Mail that Netflix should implement a disclaimer, and has contacted Netflix privately about his concerns.

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Author: James O’Connor