Just Cause Creator Opens New AAA Games Studio

Christofer Sundberg, cofounder of Avalanche Studios and creator of its most recognizable game, Just Cause, has returned to the gaming industry and opened a new studio, Liquid Swords.

After taking a year off from game development, Sundberg says he is reenergized on focused on going back to a style of game development that is all about entertainment over redefining storytelling in games. Also, lots of explosions, which shouldn’t be too surprising given Sundberg’s background.

“After living and breathing the Just Cause franchise from the day I started Avalanche Studios to the eventual sale of the company, I am excited to come back and create spectacular experiences for players to explore, share and enjoy,” Sundberg wrote on Facebook. “We have no intention of reshaping the world of storytelling as we know it. Our road to leaving our mark and making a difference in the industry is built first and foremost on games that are immediately accessible and consistently rewarding.”

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Author: Alessandro Barbosa