Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide – Best Skills And Abilities To Get First

Immortals Fenyx Rising imbues you with the powers of the gods. To that end, it has a few different kinds of upgrades, each with its own path and method of leveling up.

Under the Abilities menu, you’ll find both Skills and Godly Powers. Skills enhance your standard combat and traversal abilities, while Godly Powers are more significant, flashier finishers with cooldowns. Both are purchased at the Hall of the Gods with Coins of Charon, but Godly Powers cost significantly more Coins. Be sure to visit the Hall of the Gods to upgrade your abilities before taking on major new quests, because you can’t upgrade your character on the fly–it’s only available at that single location.

Another type of upgrade is Blessings, which has its own section on the menu. These unlock as you progress through the story and finish the quests of the four gods: Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, and Hephaistos. Each god has three powers to grant you which will unlock in sequence. The story paths for each get more difficult, so it’s probably best to complete each of their first quest phases, then each of the second. But since you can do them in any order, you are able to claim certain Blessings first to help you with the others.

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Author: Steve Watts