Here’s The Scoop On Baldur’s Gate 3’s Third Patch: Inspiration, Freedom, & Pacifism

A few days ago, Larian announced in a Baldur’s Gate 3 pre-patch update that players would have to restart their campaigns from the beginning if they updated their game to the latest patch. Considering the game is in early-access, this isn’t exactly a surprise. Now that patch is out and Larian took to Steam again to explain everything in Patch 3, now called Inspiration, Freedom & Pacifism.

The first change Larian noted is that going forward, players will be able to gain more experience rewards for avoiding combat situations, whether that’s through dialogue or exploration and environmental puzzle-solving. Another notable behavior change is that of your companions. Larian noticed that companions tended to drop approval ratings relatively easily, even if they weren’t actually involved in a given situation. To fix that, companions have been tweaked to focus on the bigger picture while still maintaining their personal beliefs. They also won’t be able to disapprove of situations they’re not present for. Arguably one of the most exciting changes coming with Patch 3 is that certain dialogue sequences with particularly harsh skill checks have been rebalanced so it’s not quite as easy to be locked out of content based on a bad roll. Instead of failing an entire encounter based on one bad roll, your odds of succeeding on that roll have instead been adjusted to be a bit more favorable.

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Author: Ty Galiz-Rowe