Red Dead Online’s Latest Weekly Update Expands Bounty Hunter Role

This week’s Red Dead Online update, the now standalone online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, includes a new Legendary Bounty, a new Outlaw Pass, and a rank expansion for the Bounty Hunter role. Newly available, the Prestigious Bounty Hunter license adds 10 new ranks to the original 20 Bounty Hunter ranks. Players must already own a Bounty Hunter license to obtain the Prestigious license, which can be purchased at any Bounty Board.

Prestigious Bounty Hunters can also track down this week’s Legendary Bounty, Gene “Beau” Finley. Dressed in dapper suits, the villain stages robberies in the south and causes general criminal havoc. Finley and his gang are based in a dilapidated colonial property in Bayou Nwa. To apprehend him, you’ll need to fight your way into the base.

This week’s update also includes the fourth Outlaw Pass, a 40 Gold Bar purchase that gives players winter clothing, new gear and skill pamphlets, advanced photography enhancements, bonus cash, 30 Gold Bars, special gifts, and more. Players who buy the new Outlaw Pass will also get an extra RDO$400 and a 10 Gold Bar rebate.

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Author: Jenny Zheng