iFixit’s secret-Santa-priced screwdriver sets have the bits to open a MacBook or Switch

An image of the two new iFixit kits, with a screwdriver wrapped in a bow between them
iFixit’s new toolkits are light on the bits, but have the ones that count. | Photo: iFixit

Following their sea creature naming convention, iFixit has released two new screwdriver kits: the Minnow and the Moray. You probably know iFixit for their teardowns of the latest gadgets, but a number of Verge writers also swear by their screwdriver sets which come with lots of exotic bits to open up electronics yourself. These new sets are their smallest and cheapest yet, with 16 and 32 bits respectively, and both come in under $20.

Both sets come with the bits you need to take apart some of the most popular consumer tech: you can open iPhones and Macbooks with the pentalobe bits, Nintendo Switches with the tri-wing bits, and some PCs and older Apple computers with the Torx and Torx security bits. Both sets also include the basic…

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Author: Mitchell Clark