Baldur’s Gate 3’s Next Patch Will Require You To Start Over

With Baldur’s Gate III being in early access, it’s no surprise that developer Larian Studios is going to be forced to make changes that might halt your progress through the RPG. That first fork in the road is approaching with the game’s next patch, which will make your save game incompatible going forward.

In preparation for the patch, Larian Studios explained in a post on Steam that players will have to choose between updating and restarting or sticking with the version of the game they have now. Larian has made separate branches on Steam for those not ready yet for a re-roll, letting you skip Patch 3, which will introduce some big story changes.

“Each patch will come alongside a secondary branch which will allow you to continue playing the previous version with your existing save games, until you decide you’re ready to play on the latest version,” the post reads. “Maybe you’d like to wait for a few patches to pass, for example, before you re-roll. Totally up to you!”

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Author: Alessandro Barbosa