Sean Astin On Which Lord Of The Rings Scene Always Makes Him Cry

Goonies and Rudy actor Sean Astin starred in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings series as the ever-faithful and genuine Samwise Gamgee. The character appears in a number of emotional and impactful scenes as he helps Frodo to Mordor to destroy the One Ring, but there is one scene in particular that always makes Astin choke up.

Speaking to CinemeBlend, Astin said he always tears up during the scene in Return of the King when Aragorn expresses his gratitude to Sam and the rest of the Hobbits for their part in destroying the One Ring. It’s an emotional scene on its own, but for Astin in particular, it has a special resonance because it was the final scene he filmed.

“The last [scene] we shot was a scene that always makes me cry in the movie, when Aragorn turns and looks at us and says, ‘Oh, my friends, you bow to no one.’ That was the last shot of the four Hobbits. My last shot,” Astin said.

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Author: Eddie Makuch