Best Black Friday Microphone Deals For Streaming And Working From Home

This year has been a weird one, with most people stuck working from home during the current pandemic. This has pushed many toward Zoom calls or even streaming on Twitch to interact with friends and family. With Black Friday 2020 in full swing, there is a selection of great microphone deals that offer the audio you need to sound great in your Twitch stream, work meeting, or even your weekly family chat. And if you’ve been keeping your eyes open for the Elgato Wave 3, it’s back in stock–though it does not have a special Black Friday deal.

The vast majority of these microphones work by connecting them to your PC via USB. These include models like the JLab Audio Talk USB microphone for $70 and the Maono USB microphone kit for $50. However, some of these microphones can even be connected to your iPhone or Android, such as the Shure MV5 microphone for $79 and the Shure MV88 microphone for $219. Whatever you need a microphone for, there’s sure to be a great Black Friday deal on the right one.

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Author: Mat Paget