PS5 System Update Fixes Game Install And DualSense Charging Issues

A new firmware update for the PlayStation 5 has been released, fixing at least one major issue that has been plaguing players since launch.

Outside of rest mode crashes and issues with game downloads, some PS5 players have been reporting issues where the console will uninstall games that have been installed using a disc. This would force users to reinstall the game and download any updates every time it occurred. Sony says in the notes for this latest firmware release that this issue has now been resolved.

Another issue noted in the release notes is less problematic but lead to some confusion around the time required to recharge the PS5’s new DualSense controller. On some consoles a software issue was preventing the front USB port from providing enough power to the controller to charge, leading to extended charging times or, in some cases, no charging at all. Sony says this has also been fixed.

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Author: Alessandro Barbosa