Pokemon Go Azelf, Mesprit, And Uxie Raid Guide: Best Counters And Weaknesses

Three more Legendary Pokemon are back in Pokemon Go for a limited time. The Legendary Lake trio Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie are once again appearing in five-star Raids as part of the new Lake Legends event. To help you add the Legendary Pokemon to your collection, we’ve rounded up some tips on how to beat and catch Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie below.

Lake Trio Raid Hours

Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie will all be appearing in five-star Raids until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on November 30. These Raids don’t follow a set schedule, so they can occur any time, but you’ll receive an in-game notification when a Raid is about to begin at a nearby Gym. As usual, you’ll need to have a Raid Pass to participate in a Raid while physically at a Gym, or a Remote Raid Pass to join it remotely.

Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie
Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie

Your best chance to encounter the Legendary Pokemon will happen on Wednesday, November 25, when Niantic hosts its weekly Raid Hour event. From 6-7 PM local time tonight, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie Raids will be occurring much more frequently at Gyms, effectively ensuring you have a chance to battle the Legendaries.

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Author: Kevin Knezevic