Undertaker Retires At WWE Survivor Series 2020, Possibly For Real

At the 2020 WWE PPV Survivor Series, The Undertaker retired from wrestling. The Dead Man has been a main event attraction for three decades–a crucial component to WWE’s ascendance as a global juggernaut. He is an irreplaceable attraction–a performer with a fantastical gimmick, who evolved it numerous times over 30 years to remain relevant.

In the second half of his career, he became much more than his gimmick. His in-ring work evolved into something exceptional–much more than “Undead Western Zombie” would have demanded. No longer simply a “big man,” he became an incredibly well-rounded performer and backstage leader. He mentored and guided both contemporaries and younger performers and became a symbol of longevity in a business where careers end quickly and men die young.

Now, we’re at the end of the road. And if this is the end–the last time we see The Undertaker in a WWE ring–then it is truly the “End of an Era” that WWE has been promoting for the past eight years.

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Author: Kevin Wong